Hiking Mount Rinjani in Indonesia - Part 2

Day 2 - First Day of the hike

We met with our 3 porters and 1 guide (Ipin) after completing the registration at the Rinjani Information Center. Day 1 trek was for 7 Hours (moving time 3 hrs 40 mins) with an altitude gain of 1,541 meters and covering a distance of 10.31 KMs from the start point. The last stage after POS 3 was a steep climb and very exhausting.

View of the mountain from Sembalun
Our hut at Pesona Rinjani, Sembalun
Pesona Rinjani, Sembalun
Lun, the owner of Lhuna Adventures and his driver - Olo
The government office where one has to register and buy tickets before starting the hike
The ticket
Standard low cost accommodation - Stay in resort grounds in tents

Start of Trek

The grasslands at the base of the mountain. This whole area is parched during summer due to bush fires.
POS 1. First stop for rest.

We had 3 porters and one guide with us during the trek. The porters each carry 30kgs on their shoulders and sprint away whereas the actual trekkers like us with 6KGs backpacks struggle to climb!

This guy provides a taxi service up to POS2. Not sure on the cost but we saw couple of ladies taking the taxi service.

The hikers
The beautiful grasslands at the base of the mountain
Fire alert area


We rested here for 10 minutes and continued to POS2.

Lunch freshly prepared by the porters
You get pampered when you book for a deluxe package…
Still a long way to go to finish the day’s hike

Top of the crater

This is what greeted us when we reached the crater of the mountain. Not to forget the heavy gusty winds which were threatening to push us back down.

An overview of the day’s hike

Approximate 9 hours of hiking on day 1. Approximately 1541 meters climber covering a distance of 10.5 KMs.

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