Hiking Mount Rinjani in Indonesia

Mt. Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia

Video - Four days of hiking @ Mount Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia.

Important Points:

  1. The trek is hard and very exhausting.
  2. Book a deluxe package or private tour for a comfort and setting own pace.
  3. Warm clothes/mittens are a must during the nights.
  4. Sunscreen/Balaclava - There were few who were badly sunburnt.
  5. Pack as light as possible. (We were also carrying tripods and DSLRs).
  6. A good rain jacket to cover till feet. Our socks got wet in the rain and in turn the water seeped into the shoes from inside even though the boots we were using were waterproof.
  7. Pack Bandages for blisters.
  8. Book for a longer package to enjoy the trek than just hurrying to the next point.
  9. Off-season is the best time to visit.
  10. In the deluxe package, the porters bring along chairs for the hikers. We rarely used these chairs. It would have been better if there was another tent so that we had space to sleep properly. With two moderately built guys in a single mountain tent, it was very difficult to even move in the tent!

Hiking Mount Rinjani in Indonesia - Part 1